Get paid to support CloudPress and BrambleBox!

NerdMercs agents earn money by completing contracts in support of incoming CloudPress and BrambleBox client orders.  Both CloudPress and BrambleBox are built on open source architectures which you may already be working with!  If your skills, talents, and background are strongly represented in any of our NerdMercs agent role descriptions, then you could get paid for joining the NerdMercs community and taking contracts for fulfilling one or more of these roles.

Available Roles

WordPress Developer

The WordPress Developer is responsible for building WordPress pages that meet the client order requirements for design and functionality, quickly.  In most cases, orders can be fulfilled by a WordPress expert by combining and configuring existing plugins and theme template assets with minimal or no coding required.

Campaign Manager

The Campaign manager writes and edits sales and marketing copy for the client, optimized for search engine performance and sales conversion rate. The Campaign manager is responsible for monitoring analytics and performing split tests, and revises client content monthly to continually improve performance.

Media Curator

Every CloudPress and BrambleBox order needs artwork.  The job of the Media Curator is to optimize any media provided by the client for use on their site.  In the absence of adequate media provided directly by the client, the Media Curator sources and edits appropriate stock media resources to fill in the gaps.

SBC Administrator

BrambleBox products are powered by an affordable Single Board Computer called a Raspberry Pi.  The SBC Admin is responsible for creating system image updates and flashing SD cards for BrambleBox orders, and they must be proficient at troubleshooting Raspberry Pi hardware.

Server Administrator

CloudPress and BrambleBox products rely on online services to operate, and the Server Admin is in charge of provisioning, monitoring, and protecting those servers that keep everything running.

Pass the test, complete contracts, get paid.

Joining the NerdMercs community is free.  New NerdMercs Agents gain access to their own CloudPress LP page at no cost, which they can use to test out and familiarize themselves with the CloudPress platform.  Each NerdMercs Agent role has an exam associated with it.  New agents must use their landing page to complete the exam requirements and demonstrate their mastery of the role, before they are assigned each role and permitted to accept contracts and earn money under that role.

Contribute assets, earn residuals.

CloudPress sites are cost effective and quick to complete because they are powered by many combined templated systems with reusable customizable plugins.  NerdMercs agents are encouraged to contribute assets to the CloudPress library, making it that much faster and easier for all agents to complete new and better pages.  Agents earn points each time another Agent uses one of their assets on a project.  Even better, Agents earn a small monthly residual from each client subscription where one of their assets are in use!

Merit based rewards.

NerdMercs Agents build stats on their profile and earn points as they successfully complete contracts.  Recognition achievements and additional points are also awarded based on positive client feedback. Points earned are then used to accept new contracts.  In this way the NerdMercs community aims to be a self regulating meritocracy – top quality contributors will always have enough points to accept new contracts, while low effort contributors will find themselves starved for points and unable to pick up more contracts.

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